So even with February having an extra (it really wasn't needed though) it was another great month for the site. Didn't get as much done as I wanted too... especially on the massive Khador project that I am working on. So I think I might have to do something that I swore I would never do again. Pull a few all night painting marathons...

So not only do I have a big chunk of Khador to get done by the 16th of April but I also have 2 competition pieces that I have to get finished. One is about 90% done the other is just primed and waiting to see some real paint work. I was going to start on him this weekend but that plan has been put on hold because I got hit up with an email about a commission for Trollblood and Khador battle group boxes. So that sets everything else back by about a week. I am still pretty positive that I can get everything done in plenty of time to be able to relax before Adepticon.

Which some of you know that Adepticon is from the 19th to the 22nd of April. We are leaving to go up to Chicago on the 18th if I remember the plans correctly. So this gives me roughtly 47 days to get everything done. So if everything goes according to plan and I can really focus on things I will be able to pull this off. But also what this means for commissions... if you are wanting to get something done I need to have them on the calender before the 15th of March. If you are wanting something painted and you wait until after then its not going to see any paint work until the 25th of April (at least)... so if you are on the fence... hurry up and come on down otherwise its going to be a long wait.

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