So when I checked the studio mail a few weeks back I had a few new products from Mr. Justin over at Secret Weapon Miniatures. The new releases for March had some really cool new basing materials this time around along with a cool piece of terrain for 40k. This is the second part of the review for the scenic basing materials that I ordered.

Secret Weapon Scenics Masterclass: Leaf Litter (both light and dark green)

This product retails for $4.99us and you get about 60ml of a natural green leafy material that looks like amazingly realistic leaves you would see scattered on the ground. Though it makes the box smell like someone has been cooking Italian food or something cause it smells like oregano or thyme

This product falls into that category of products that I really love that Mr. Justin has come up with. Though I would really like to know how he came up with this one cause is a really good idea. and being that it is a Natural material makes it even cooler to me cause it means that someone really had to think outside to box to figure out how to re-purpose this one. Like the Fallen Leaves I would recommend applying the leaf litter by using a matte medium cause the thinned out white glue or scenic cement will dry glossy. But if you are going for a "wet" look then by all means go for it. One more thing on both leaf litter and fallen leaves... a little goes a long way. You can easily go overboard with these and it will lose its realistic look.

So from me it's another 5 out of 5 on this one Mr. Justin... Keep up the food work.

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