So a few weeks back I ordered a really cool product called a Survival Strap. I know it's not gaming related at all... But still it's really cool.

What is a Survival Strap... Well really it is what it's name implies. It is a wrist band that is made from military grade para cord. It is braided and depending on what your wrist size is and how wide you want it made determines how much cord you have around your wrist. If you are in an emergency situation where you need some cord or rope. Say like a life or death situation or you are moving and you need to tie a mattress to the top of your car and you don't have any rope you can unravel your survival strap and use it. After you are done take a picture of it in action and send that and the story of how you used it to the company and they will send you a new one.

I ordered the wide strap in a size 8.5. I just so happen to be a fan of red and black and that just happens to match my khador army... So thats what I decided to order. So combined I have over 25 feet of cord just in case I need it. I think that everyone should order one of these. They are kinda pricey but they are an American made product so to me and many others that makes them worth it.

I also got a red and black lanyard that I am taking to adepticon so I have something cooler than the one I had last time to keep my weekend pass on.

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