Here is the last product Review that I have for the Gang over at Secret Weapon Miniatures for the March new releases. This time around it is the Gothic Power Generator. This is a really cool looking piece of terrain and will look good in just about any "Gothic Space Game" *cough* 40k *cough*...

This piece is a multi-part resin terrain piece that also comes with 4 acrylic green power rods (which I painted). When you get the model the top and the 4 supports are attached to a sprue so you do have to cut some pieces off. In the instructions that come with the model it says use a hobby knife (which I don't recommend unless your insurance is paid up and you don't mind a trip to the ER) or a hobby "bone" saw. Which is the method I think is best if you don't mind spending a lot of time trying to cut the parts off... I cheated and put my diamond cut off wheel on my Dremel and went to town. IF YOU DO THIS MAKE SURE YOU WEAR A MASK. Resin dust can be hazardous to ones health and this is something I recommend to everyone no matter what company's resin you are working on. So please be careful.

Then it was time to prime the little monster but first I dry fit everything to see how it went together and once I realized that how the whole thing goes together I decided to glue the supports to the base first then I primed the whole thing (rods and all) black and went to town painting it. I painted the structure using Reaper Master Series Natural Steel Triad. Then I added a little gold and some blues and the top and base were ready to go. Then onto the Rods... which like I have already said I decided that I wanted to paint mine cause ever since the Necrons first came out a long time ago I hated those green rods... so with those painted I shot the whole thing with a coat of matte varnish then I brushed on some gloss varnish onto the power rods.

So my review of this is that it is a great piece of terrain that anyone can build and everyone should have one or 2 of these on their boards. It sells for $20us and being that it is resin and not cheap plastic it is WELL WORTH the price. Really this is a cheap piece of terrain to own. I got mine all ready to go in an afternoon so they don't take long to get together. It takes even less time if you leave the rods green. So next time I decide to clear off the game table in the studio and play a game of 40k this will make a great addition to my terrain collection. Overall I give this one a 5 out of 5 because of the cheap price and ease of assembly and overall looks.

So Great job to Mr. Justin and the gang over at Secret Weapon Miniatures for another great product. I cant wait to see what they do for their next release in May.

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