So I am just about thinking about making this a monthly special thing here in the studio. It always seems that I get this itch to raid the bits box and build a random model just to say that I can... and what else are these random bits gonna do... collect dust.

So in this episode... (see what I did there) I decided to build a Blood Angel. Now these bits actually didn't come out of my current Space Marine bits box. I actually got a bunch of Sanguinary Guard bits from my Trollkin client. I wanted to wait until those models were all painted and sent back before I messed with the bits. So I decided to finally investigate what all there was in the bits and as it turns out there was enough parts to actually build a whole model. So I am calling this guy a random captain for my upcoming Blood Angels project. He is probably going to serve as a test model for how I am going to paint my Blood Angels.

And he needs a name...

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