Well here we are officially day one of painting the next project and I figured I would post up where I am at since we have reached the end of the day.

I got all 6 of the bases painted that I needed for this project. You may recognize them... they are the Rocky Bluff bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures that I used on my Khador and wrote a review for them a while back. Obviously I can't say enough good things about these bases. And its obvious that my clients like them too since they chose them for their Trollbloods.

So I got those bases done and I decided I wanted to start with the Pyre Troll for this project. I know normally when I paint a small battlegroup I generally start with the Warlock or Warcaster. Well I chose to start here cause one... I love this model... and two... its the old metal one and not the new plastic one. And finally three... I was excited to try a couple new tricks I have learned especially on the flames. So this is where I decided to stop for the night. I got the skin most of the way done and I got the first coat of the yellow on the hands and the fireball.

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