So I skipped ahead a project... those of you that were looking forward to seeing the bits model all painted up... don't worry he is still sitting here. I am just waiting for a chance to go to the game store and pick up some different red paints. Cause he is going to serve as a test model to see if the idea that I have in my head is a good idea or not. Well the other day when I was priming models I decided to prime one of my Captain Tychos. Since I am building a Death Company unit around him I figured I would go ahead and paint this one in the Death Company black armor.

And let me tell you painting this model up has really got me wanting to hurry up and kick my Blood Angel project into high gear. Especially since I have mounted him on one of the Ruined Temple bases I posted up the other day. Again I have to give serious kudos to Mr. Justin and the rest of the crew over at Secret Weapon Miniatures... I love these bases. I just want to remind people that when they contact me about painting their models for them to also ask about ordering some kick ass resin bases from Secret Weapon while they are at it. They really do help make models stand out.

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