Okay so I know I am always talking about how much I love the bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Well here is even more proof of this... I had a little surprise come in the mail the other day (it was a surprise as I was not expecting them yet). I had ordered all of the bases that I needed for my upcoming Blood Angels project... which was a ton of bases.

I had a bit of a tough decision on picking which base I wanted to use. As you know I just finished that commission of the Imperial Guard models where the client wanted the models on the Flagstone bases from Secret Weapon, and I really liked the way that those bases looked. So I managed to narrow my decision down to those and the Ruined Temple bases. Well this decision went back and forth for a couple weeks and finally I gave up and sent an email to Mr. Justin and asked him for a little guidance on which bases he thinks would look better for the Blood Angels, and after a short discussion he helped steer me in the direction of the Ruined Temple bases. I do think that they are the perfect bases since they arrived and I had a good chance to take a really good look at them.

Now that I had that decision made the next hard part was "how am I going to paint these bases to make them look really cool?" So I did a couple test bases to see if I liked the idea that I had swimming around in my skull.

I think I am going to stick with this choice cause it does look really cool. The large areas are painted to look like a grey stone and then lines are painted to look like a red stone. I think that this helps tie the bases in with the Blood Angels theme that I am going for with this whole project.

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