So I managed to catch an early start in the studio today so I finished up the Pyre Troll and I am now about to start on another troll... though I am not sure which one I want to start yet. All of the trolls are going to have a greyish skin tone cause thats what the client wanted... and really I think it looks pretty good.

Now... the fire... this is another first for me. Normally I prefer to work from dark to light working in layers to build highlights. This one I worked backwards... I started out with coating the areas to be fire using Menoth White Highlight from the P3 range. Then I applied 2 coats of Sunshine wash from Secret Weapon Miniatures (see Justin you get 2 plugs on this one). Then I went through and used some of my Reaper Master Series paints. Starting with Fire Orange, then Phoenix Red, and finally Fire Red. Really to me it doesn't seem natural to work in that order but I like the results.

After all the paint work was competed I mounted him on one of those Rocky Bluff Bases that I showed in that last post.

I just want to throw out a thank you to Mr. Justin for coming out with such awesome products. Keep up the great work sir.

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