2013 was a great year for the studio. At times it was a little slow but it was still a great year. I painted a Circle Orboros army for a Journeyman League this past summer. There were also a few product reviews... the biggest one was the Lighting kits from Powered Play Gaming that were used in a Baal Predator for the Blood Angels project that is still in the works but has been shelved for the moment because other interesting projects have come along. And lets not forget the epic view count monster that was the Star Wars X-Wing review. There was also a start on a personal project that was the Convergence of Cyriss, which that project is still going on I have just been distracted by other fun stuff like painting that Kraken and doing assembly work on an Archangel.

Also the other big thing in 2013 was what I am referring to as the great GW purge, and in that Purge I have sold or traded off a Space Wolf army a 40k Ork army, a start to a CSM army, a Vampire Counts army, a Dwarf army, an Ogre Kingdoms army, and an Orc and Goblin army.

There are some other things that are still for sale from the studio like that Circle Orboros army that was painted this past summer, and the Forgeworld Bloodthirster.

2014 is going to be another great year for the studio. I already have some good commissions lined up for the start of the year, and IF I can ever get that blasted Circle army sold the big personal project of this year will be Trollbloods.

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