Man I have been looking for an excuse to say that on here for a while now... and now I have one. So my gaming buddy FINALLY picked up a Kraken to go with his Cryx army and man let me tell you this is a model that I have been wanting to paint for a long time. So I jumped all over this chance using the excuse that I painted his Wraith Engine as well.

Well I finally got him to agree to let me paint the monster and like the Wraith Engine I saw this as a perfect excuse to use another resin base from our friends over at Secret Weapon Miniatures. So I ordered in another Corpse Field base so that the Kraken has the same theme and feel as the Wraith Engine and I set to work. This model was a blast to work on, in fact I think it was by far the easiest one of these huge models from Privateer Press yet. BUT I have only done a small handful of them and have yet to work on any of them from Hordes (although I do have a Mountain King and an Archangel sitting here in the studio waiting on assembly).

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  1. I am the recipient of this amazing kraken the paint job on this model far surpasses my expectations. This will look absolutely amazing on the battlefield and I am going to be proud to use it and play it in my army. It is an amazing addition to my army and I am proud to be the owner of it. I highly recommend Chris to all of you gamers out there that have unpainted figs in your armys to get in touch with him to have him paint them for you. The prices are great and the quality of the work is outstanding.

  2. I would like to make an addendum to my previous post. that this was done far above tabletop quality it is compatition quality which is more than i expected on this model and it was completed in a very short time.

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