Thats right... I am selling off this beautifully painted Circle Orboros army that I did up for the Journeyman League that was hosted by the FLGS. Everything in this army is painted and based and is ready to play.  I am selling this army because I am wanting to start a Trollblood army and I can't do that until I have the Circle army out of the house.I hate to see this army go because it looks so good with all its earth tones and greens, but those are the rules I was given. I included some of the pictures of the painted models on this post but there are a bunch more throughout the site back during the league this past summer.

Fully painted and based Circle Orboros For Sale

eKaya w/Laris
Feral Warpwolf
Pureblood Warpwolf
Winter Argus
Gorax (resculpt)
Shifting Stones w/ Stone Keeper
Druids Orboros w/ Overseer
Warpborn Skinwalkers w/ Alpha
Wolves Orboros (small unit)
Blackclad Wayfarer
Druid Wilder
Gallows Grove
War Wolf
and 2 sets of Tokens

Asking $250.00 + $20 shipping

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