Okay gang I am still trying to sell a fully painted competition level Forgeworld Bloodthirster that I painted up for Crystal Brushes at Adepticon 2012. This piece was getting a ton of looks at the event and was constantly turning heads and having people come back for second looks. Now he did not place in the event but he was put up for online voting. I think he would of done better had I entered him into a different category but I thought "Large Model" where he belonged because of his size, and that category was nothing but 54mm busts.

I have between 30 and 40 hours in painting this monster and both hands are magnetized for ease of storage and transport. I also have him mounted on a custom sculpted resin base that I made specifically for him.

Now that I have entered him into a couple paint competitions I have no other use for this piece... that is other than to collect dust. I really want to find him a good home where someone might actually play him in some games of either 40k or fantasy. I would like to get $300 for him but I am open to negotiations.

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