This is it gang... The army so big it has taken me this long to get to counting it all up. You have seen me mention it several times as being for sale and not really telling you what all you get in the army. Well here is that list of stuff... I do warn you though... It's a LONG list.

Orcs & Goblins
4 warbosses
Warboss on wyvrenn
Black Orc hero
Orc shaman 
60 warriors
16 Orc archers (plastic)
52 black orcs (40 plastic 12 metal)
10 boar riders
3 boar chariots 
Goblin big boss
Night goblin hero
Night goblin on giant squig
2 night goblin shamans
100 night goblin spear men
1 blister w/3 metal fanatics
20 night goblin archers
1 blister w/3 goblin nasty skulkers
20 spider riders
10 wolf riders
Goblin Doom Diver
2 Giants
Current army book and magic cards

And just think it is all still new in box and blister and I am only asking $350 plus $35 for shipping this monster army.

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  1. Thank you to everyone that has checked out this post... this army has sold.

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