Last Friday I got a phone call from the FLGS saying come get your crap... its taking up too much space. This is what I saw when I got there.

You know... It is a rather scary sight.

Anyway... I have been talking about this commission for several posts now. Well it has finally arrived. I ordered the stuff last week and last Friday it finally came in. Yeah I know there has been a bit of a delay in posting this news... but I have been buried under a mountain of plastic and boxes since then.

I spent about an hour going through all the boxes and getting everything sorted out into platoons so all I have to do is grab the next box in line and get to work. I was going to go assembly line with the whole thing and assemble all 3 platoons and the 2 command squads but I was afraid that I would get too overwhelmed with how much plastic that really is so I figured I would break it up into smaller groups so that it doesn't looks so bad.

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