So as the title says... I had to buy a new Logan Grimnar. My old one has up and disappeared. I have been looking for him for a LONG time now and the other day up at the shop they had one hanging on the hook. So I decided to just say screw it and bought a new one. The major difference between the 2 models... this on I actually painted myself, and I am very proud of the way he has turned out.

I have almost everything bought for the Space Wolves. I only have a couple more things that I need to get for the wolves and then I need to get it all painted. Once that happens... I will line everything up for a full army shot. That is... once I get everyone mounted on their resin bases. Thats right... the army I have never based is getting the Resin base treatment. They will be my first army getting the full on resin base treatment. And they are resin bases that I sculpted. Now these are probably going to be special edition one off bases because I am in the middle of talking to one of the other resin base companies. But more on that later on after I know the for sure outcome of that one.

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