So... this is one of those things... when the world gets turned all upside down... that you become thankful for when a big job gets changed and added to several times through out the planning phase. Especially when you already spent a little money of getting everything. Will this is really one of those things. Now let me elaborate a little. Last week I made mention of having a really really big job and it had 2 really big parts to it. I was going to get to paint a large Iron Warriors army and a large Imperial Guard army. All on the same job. Well... that job evolved a little further and this is really for the best. The Iron Warriors have been dropped from the list and the Imperial Guard has changed some... in fact at this point it now has 2 parts... and a really large friend to go with them. Well I will talk more about him in May once that order has been placed. Anyway... the few things that I bought already for the Iron Warriors... I get to keep... sell... paint... do as I please with. Well this is one of those pieces that I am going to keep cause it looks cool... and I have a few plans for it. But those are kinda top secret for now. So stay tuned.

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