Thats right everybody... Wolfy has finally come back around to painting his Space Wolves... about a year after I finished the last SW model I painted for myself. This time its my Long Fangs. 2 big units of them... I love these guys. As a matter of fact I happen to think they are one of the best shootiest units in 40k currently. I mean yeah they are just a Devistator Squad... but there is an extra heavy weapon in the unit. Long Fangs take 5 heavy weapons into battle so I set each unit up with 2 lascannons, 2 plasmacannons, and for that nice little cherry on top... a missile launcher. If I can ever get my hands on them I am going to throw together one more unit with nothing but Multimeltas. Now... did I forget to mention that not only can they take that extra heavy weapon in each unit, but the fact that as long as their pack leader is still alive they can split their fire between 2 different targets. Not I have a nice little tactic I love to play with these guys but I will get to that later.

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