So the studio is doing really well. So well in fact that I am going to have to drop out of the Motivational Challenge on the 40k radio forum. To many paying jobs... not enough hours per day.

So "to many jobs?" you ask... well I have a small Commission of 3 13th Company Characters that I need to get painted up super quick. they actually shouldn't take all that long once I get started on them. Up next there is a slightly larger commission that is a Black Templars Forge World Dreadnought... that is in the grips of insanity and is slaughtering Ultramarines. And then finally... the big poppa... mother of all commissions... that has grown and grown and then shrank and then grown again... it is 2... count them 2 2500 point armies... 1 of which is Iron Warriors and the other is going to be a heavily converted Traitor Imperial Guard. Now yes the Bloodletters I painted this past week were part of that commission, that job does not officially start until after the 15th. But I had a little extra money this month so I figured I would pick up a few things and get a head start on it while I was waiting on the first commission to arrive.

Which by the way... I have a small gripe with the USPS. Why is it... a friend can mail something to me from England AFTER I make an order with Forge world, and I get what he sent in 7 days. BUT what I ordered from Forge World does not arrive until 2 weeks later? I just don't understand that logic. Also... why does it take over a month to get a small box in the mail from Australia?

So anyway... no more Ultramarines for a while. So all of you get a break from seeing blue for a little while too. Trust me... my eyes and my paintbrushes are thankful for it too.

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  1. Hey Wolfy. Congrats on the Studio taking off! And I completely hear ya on the Australian thing...I sent a Battleforce over there not long ago and when I asked how long it would take they said "It depends on when it gets on the boat..there are only so many Boats that take Mail to Australia." I thought she was kidding.

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