1st Platoon command squad. With them is the company standard and the platoon sergeant (commissar) even though those 2 models go with 1st squad. I figured I might as well paint them up now. All the models in this army are being put on my wasteland bases that I sculpted a while back, and the heavy weapons teams are hiding behind sand bags that I sculpted up real quick this weekend and got the mold made for them. I am really happy with the way they turned out. The sandbags are a seperate piece from the bases so if any of you are interested in getting some for your heavy weapons teams or for some cool terrain just drop me an email and I would be happy to cast them up for you.

The Commissar for 1st platoon. He is painted up to be the platoon sergeant hence the reason he is painted in company colors instead of the normal all black that you see on the commissars.

Here is the Company Banner for the 2/69 Rifle Company "Death Dealers". Now he actually goes in 1st squad But I wanted to get him painted up now with the platoon command squad.

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  1. Your work on the Imperial Guard is really inspiring. And the lascannon gun line should make any player quake in his boots.

  2. Thanks man... I am really looking forward to seeing all of them all lined up in formation. Trust me there will be pictures of the whole company all lined up when they are done cause I am wanting to scare as many people as I can with the 47 heavy flashlights. And its not even my army!

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