So I had this model sent to me a few months ago by a friend over in England. I figured I had better get it painted before I start on this HUGE Imperial Guard commission that has a rather large surprise in the middle of it. So enough about the IG... and onto talking about this work of art. It is the Forgeworld Space Wolf Dreadnought. I love this model... I think it is one of the best dreadnoughts that FW has put out for the loyalist chapters. Now if only they would put one out for the Salamanders I would really be happy. Anyway... I have the arms and the banner pole magnetized so the arms can be swapped out eventually... and the banner pole so I can put him in a BF tray and he will actually fit. Now I know what you guys are thinking... "you never use banners on models so why this one" well I will tell you why... because its FRACKING AWESOME. 'nuff said.

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  1. looking good bro

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