So here we are part way into day 2 of the glorious event that is Adepticon. Today I got a chance to walk around the vendor hall and check out some new things here and there. We picked up the Flames of War rule book and the starter box because we got a good deal on it and we also talked to a couple of the guys from GF9 and they really explained it to us. Being that we are a pair of history buffs it makes sense that we play a historical game... finally. From there we grabbed the 2 models that I entered into the Crystal Brushes competition and just kinda hung around the booth for that until they had their pictures taken and then put into the display case. Actually played a Malifaux demo game with a really cool guy that goes by the name "Spoon". So I am really looking forward to getting my Malifaux models painted up and playing some more games... it actually is a really easy game to get a good grasp of. From here I think we are going to be heading down to the Iron Arena here after a while and play some games down there for a little while. I think since I did bring my Malifaux models with me I am going to take them down with me and see about playing a full game against Spoon. Thats all for now... I will post up a wrap up of how the games go.

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