Well as march drew to a close I new it was going to be a big month for the studio. I managed to get a to of Khador painted for the Adepticon run as well as a few other things that came along the path. Then there was the sheer number of views that the site managed to get. Let me tell you that this is a one man show and normally does not receive a lot of traffic really on a daily basis but over the 2 years that it has been in existence the site has managed to scrape together roughly an average of 600 views a month which to me is a lot since normally I post on average about 15 posts a month. What this means is that some months I have very low amount of views the lowest being just over 200 and the the highest (until March) was 1389 views... for some reason the site exploded with views this month and pushed it to a new high of 1762. Which makes it 4 months in a row to be over 1000 views and 7 months in the last year. So I now wish to thank all of my followers and my readers for all the times that you have come by and checked out my progress on things to see how I am coming along with projects and such. I hope that this trend continues well into the future and that the number of views goes even higher. Now what does all of this mean for April... Well we are officially on the Road To Adepticon. From the 19th to the 24th I will be in attending Adepticon in Chicago this year. I missed last year and I vowed that I wanted to go back. So things were set in motion last spring for us to be able to go this year, and this year everything has fallen into place for us to be able to go. I am entering 2 pieces into the Crystal Brushes Painting Competition hosted by the gang over at Cool Mini or Not. This competition will be bringing out some of the best in the world cause it has a fairly large grand prize. Honestly I don't think I will quite rate that high but I am aiming for first cut and honorable mention slots. Also I will be playing in the Warmachine Team tournament on Sunday as one half of Team Rolling Thunder. Also Most all weekend I will be playing in the Privateer Press Iron Arena so if you want to play against me or see the Khador army in person shoot me an email and we can set up a time so that I am sure that I don't miss the opportunity to meet people and get in a few games with my followers. I would like to hit some of the gaming demos that are going to be going on all weekend because there are some new games out that that I want to check out and I actually want to be shown how to play Malifaux so that I know that I am doing things right. All Weekend I am hoping to be able to hop on here and post up a Review of the event and the goings on of that day. Until we get to Adepticon I am going to be busy finishing off the Khador Models in this massive project as well as helping my team mate out with all of his cygnar to get all of it done in time for the big event. As I type this the Khador is sitting at 98% painted and the Cygnar is 40% painted so this is going to be a mad rush as I am only 18 days from leaving for Chicago. So keep checking back to see the Progress of both armies and Maybe IF I have time I will thrown up a couple tutorial videos as well.

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