Day 3 started off like yesterday really. We hit the vendor floor again picked up a thing of green stuff because I forgot to bring some with me. (I know... I am a big dummy) Then we headed off to the PP gaming hall and played a few games of Warmachine, and after playing a 50, 75, and a 100 point game I am mentally worn out. The cool thing was I got a chance to meet Mr. Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Got to chat with him for a little bit. He is running around like mad though so I didn't get to talk to him all that long. I also talked to Romeo from Battlefoam as he was passing through the PP hall. After all of the Warmachine games I managed to run into the guys from The Eternal Warrior podcast. Did an interview with those guys and they were a great bunch of guys. I think it went really well and I do believe that they are going to start promoting the paint service. So fingers crossed there. Thats all for now gang... we have the team tournament for warmachine in the morning so now its time to rest and get ready for WAR!!!

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