Okay... Some of you that follow me on Facebook will already know the news. But as some of you may have heard this past Saturday night we had time extremely severe weather here in central Kansas. In fact the tornado that hit the city of Wichita as only about a mile from where I live and the studio is located. God was looking out for my family and myself and answered our prayers and spared us but just barely... Like I said it was only about a mile from my house. Way to close for comfort. We didn't suffer any damage other than some downed tree limbs, and we were without power for like 3 or 4 hours.

So this has not affected the trip I am about to make at the end of the week to the great city of Chicago for Adepticon. While I am there I am going to get to meet some awesome people and play some great games. AFTER the event the schedule for commission painting is going to be open again. So as of the 24th I will be back on commission duty again. IF you want models painted by me I would suggest getting your requests in now and avoid the rush. While I'm at the event I am going to be doing some filming and I am going to try to post up nightly reviews of things that are going on.

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