Well here we are... Adepticon has officially started. Check in was a huge mad house because everyone that was in line was waiting for a free bag that Battlefoam was giving away. It is just one of their soft sided bags so its nothing special but hey... its a free bag. So far my big complaint was the fact that we put in for shirts but their computer apparently didn't put in out cart so we didn't get our shirts. And after the attitude we got from the staff we were not going to give them any more money. Like asking the simple question as to where the "demo hall" was and where I need to go to turn in my models for the Crystal Brushes competition and then none of the staff could answer that and one guy I asked said he would go check and then he just wandered off and never got an answer for me. Luckily I found the demo hall since it is right by where the Privateer Press area is at for the weekend. Now I just need to find where to turn my model in at. On the plus side I got to meet the Quartermaster for Privateer Press and let me tell you... Will is an awesome guy. very down to earth and just fun to be around. It is obvious that he deserves to be the Quartermaster because he truly loves the games that they put out. I took my Khador and the Cygnar down to the Iron Arena and he took a look at the armies and got TONS of praise. He said that IF he has some free time this weekend that he would like to play against me. So that is a mark of pride for me being a Press Gang Member. Oh... and when he was looking at the models he was picking them up and holding them up to the light and really scrutinized them. Managed to get in a quick 35 point game with my partner that I rode up with. We had a good time. I pulled an assassination with my eButcher list. The plan for tomorrow is simple... sleep for a while... then go turn in my models (pray to make to make first cut)... go say Hi to Kip with Battlefoam since he is my go to guy when you guys want me to order foam for you. Figured it would be a smart idea to put a name to a face. I am hoping that I can also meet up with Mr. Justin from Secret Weapon. Also there is a little surprise that I don't want to go into too much until after I can meet up with the guys and talk to them. One last thing on the agenda for tomorrow is to hit the Malifaux/Puppetwars Demo area for a little bit. I hope to have have some pictures and some videos at some point over the weekend.

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