Time for another Product Review gang... this time I am giving a review of the Classic Board from Broken Egg Games. This board is FANTASTIC!!! The boards are made from wood and are really solid in construction, and since they only run $59.99 plus shipping for this board they are well worth their price. They are made to be a one piece board not a multi-part plastic board that could easily pop apart dumping your well painted models all over the floor (which I have seen that happen). I have loaded my Khador board up with heavy metal models using every single spot on the board and it can handle the weight of all that metal without a problem. No fear of flexing here. I got mine in a custom finish as you can see here... and the guys at Broken Egg Games managed to pull off a really good color match to the way that my Khador is painted. So a ton of praise for the guys on that one.

As you can see here we also got one of the standard finishes this one being the Cigar box finish with blue felt. It is for my Cygnar playing teammate that is going to Adepticon with me.
So 5 out of 5 on the design of the boards. They have plenty of spots for smaller point tournaments without a problem. So unless you load up on warjacks of weapons crews or anything that take the 50mm base then you can fit a pretty good sized army on the board. They also have larger boards like the Extreme and the Tournament. Also these guys get a 5 out of 5 for their customer service. Honestly I think its better than some of the big gaming companies that are out there. I had a small problem with my order and these guys were on top of it and we had it all straitened out and things back on track super fast. And they are also really good about answering emails really fast too. When I ordered the custom finish on my Khador board I actually got a phone call from them to make sure they understood my request properly.One last thing... I did a video review and that is posted up HERE and in this review I show off something really cool that I discovered with the boards. For that little secret you have to follow that link and watch the video.

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  1. Okay everyone... I have to retract this review... It has been brought to my attention that either this company has gone belly up or they are flaking out on people. PLEASE before you consider ordering one of these boards try to contact them first to make sure... I am still waiting for an email back from them myself.

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