So here we are... one day before leave time for Chicago and I just wanted to post up one last post of a painted model before we go. This time around I decided to post up eHaley. I am super proud of the way that this model turned out. I personally like her better than the eStryker model that I painted up a while back for the team army. There are several more models that have been painted here in the studio and I will get pictures of them up eventually. This one was a bit of an accomplishment if you ask me because she was painted around us having a tornado here in town. But with that aside I also have some great news... at the beginning of the the Warmachine project that I set out on I was determined to for both me and my teammate to go to Adepticon withfully painted armies... and both armies were new to us. Well over the last 3 weeks I have managed to not only finish of my Khador but I also got all the Cygnar done too. Both armies have around 115 models in them... totaling out to over 200 points a piece. I went back and looked at the calender to see how many days I spent on both armies since I started painting on them both... and the number of days just on warmachine is 6 weeks. I feel that is really impressive...

Thats all for now gang... see you in Chicago for Adepticon!!!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your work in person at adepticon.

  2. I will be wearing my green studio shirts all weekend long... come say hi if you can find me among the crowds

  3. this piece is awesome. a job well done. thank you so much for all you did to make this all possible.

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