So for my first painting post of the month is my Moto Challenge entry got August. I painted up 6 Crisis suits for my Tau army this month. Next month is looking like its going to be Pathfinders. I really wanted to get these knocked out as early this month as possible because I have so much other stuff going on this month I didn't want to get to the last day for gold and not have them done. So they are done and back to work I get on commission stuff.

Which I wanted to have at least one tank done today but obviously that didn't happen because other stuff came up. So its looking like its going to be a busy busy weekend getting stuff painted. I have set a deadline on this first commission because the Client is taking the stuff on a trip to England. So I am hoping to have them in the mail back to him by Wednesday or Thursday this week. Also I am planning on going shopping for a damn airbrush this weekend... I am tired of painting tanks the old fashioned way.

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  1. Yay for non-beige Tau! I don't like the Tau Chicken feet thing..never have, but I certainly do appreciate variants in their color schemes. For the longest time I kept telling people the Tau were sponsored by IBM from the 80's.

    NIce work wolfy, I like the Camo Love!

  2. I have never been a big fan of the brown tau... they just look too drab and boring if you ask me...

    This is more of a modified version of their "urban" scheme... I just gave it some more color. Though looking back I wish I would of picked something different for my tau. I am thinking more red.

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