Finally... the last post of Hex's Menoth. I give you High Exemplar Kreoss. This being the second Kreoss that I have painted I have to say that I like the robes in red more than I do in white. The 'jacks look good either more white or more red. But the 'casters I think look better in more red. Though that could just be my love for painting red.

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  1. My favourite parts of this guy are the Mask and the tubes on his back as far as the model itself goes, but the paint really makes him look badass!

    Eager to see the Cryx group now!

  2. That looks really great. I may have to give my alternate Kreoss model red as the main color.

  3. thanks guys... deep down I am thinking that I am a Khador player because I love painting red... and I am getting good at it. But i have a couple freebootaz to thank for that one.

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