So I started on this little project today too. This is also for the Toys for Tots army that the guys over at 40k Radio are putting together. I am working on a Librarian in Terminator Armor that my local store (Agents of Comics) was willing to donate to the army. I have to get him painted up first though before I can send him out to California to join the rest of the army.

Now some of you might of noticed that there is a piece of wire sticking out of his hand... and what might that be for you ask? well that is going to act as an armature for me to attempt to sculpt some sort of an "psychic energy blast" coming from his hand. That I do hope turns out well. Now I know that I never really show work in progress shots of stuff that I am working on. This time I am going to because it is going to be an interesting project to follow all the way through. Oh and I am using another Demonllamma base for this guy to. So if you guys like what you see for the bases for this guy and the Chaplain that I posted up yesterday hit me up and I will get you in touch with him about bases, cause he does really nice bases.

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  1. Oh I HAVE been in touch with the Llama about bases...Slacker never sent me any lol. Looking forward to seeing what sort of psychic greenstuff you can work up Wolfy

  2. well... it might be a while... super (not so) secret project has put be seriously underwater so I will be working on it for a while. Or at least until my deadline.

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