And then there were none...

Just a few hours behind where I wanted to be at this point... but not too terribly bad saying that I started a day late. 47 rats in 5 days. Honestly that has to be some kind of record. Now I know I still need to base them but that will have to wait until I get the high elves done which is the next part of this little adventure.

So yeah the Skaven are all painted and ready to have the bottoms of their bases filled in and to have some flock added and they will be done... well they need to be sealed too... but that is a given. I am glad to be done with them. They were almost the deciding factor as to if I can pull off the daunting task of 74 miniatures in just 14 days. And since I had to start 2 days late it's actually 12 days. Now off to bed for a few hours sleep and then I am back at it getting the High Elves painted.

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  1. Great Work Wolfy!!! Quickly Painted and Very Good Quality...A+ my friend

  2. Every time I look at these things I go check my Mail to see if my War Machine stuff has arrived yet :P

    Excellent work Wolfy, you make a guy want to get a rat.

  3. Hex... I mailed your stuff monday... It should be 5 to 10 days... damn customs...

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