So I know you guys have seen this chaplain before... but I finally painted the "U" on his knee and I swapped out his base for a resin base that I had laying around from Mr. Demonllamma on the Freebootaz forum. This Chaplain is being donated to the 40k Radio Toys for Tots army. The guys are putting together a Massive Ultramarines Army to be sold on eBay and the proceeds are going to go to the Toys For Tots. Now I am going to be painting up a Terminator Librarian and a thing or two from ForgeWorld but more on that later. I just wanted to post up a few finished shots of the Chaplain for the whole world to see.

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  1. Does putting a blue kneepad on him count as a conversion? :P Or is that qualified as Chaos Taint since it's Ultramarines lol. Nicely done Wolfy, I think I might try and bid on this Army when it goes up for sale.

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