Okay yeah its been a REAL slow start to this month. I have to admit that I have not been feeling all that great the last few days so my productivity has been kinda down. But I think I am starting to get over it so I hope to get more and more stuff painted. In fact Monday morning I was 2 days behind where I wanted to be at. BUT... thanks to an airbrush that I did get over the weekend I have managed to get all caught up to where I wanted to be at by this point. I all I have left of this Commission is the 5 Vanguard Vets and they should only take a day or so.

So with that being said I should be making a trip to the post office this week to ship this lovely box back to Canada.

So Up first of this commission I give you the Crusader/Redeemer. The sponsons are magnetized so they can just be swapped out with the other set. Had to raid my parts box to make it work though.

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  1. Very slick looking Wolfy. You Remember to ship that box back to the right Canadian eh? :P (that being me of course..Dark can go fly a Kite =) )

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