So this is going to be a short entry tonight... I just finished painting and basing my Kroot for the motivational challenge. Yes they are purple with red quills and fleshy colored bellies. Yes there are 20 of them and 5 hounds. and Yes I got them all done in just a few days.

So far everyone seems to think they turned out pretty good. so Enjoy... and as always leave me some feedback.

3 Responses so far.

  1. See these guys are an example of why I like 'out of the box' paint schemes. These guys look great painted up this way but so many people never vary from the established schemes they see in White Dwarf or on the GW Website. Just because they are not 'standard' they can still look great!

  2. I like them this way cause when you see them on the table top they are are going to draw your attention to them.

  3. Looking great wolfy!!!! the purple and red compliment eachother well. great show!!

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