Okay so the first commission of the month is a slight bit confusing... They are War Wolves from Hordes Circle or Orboros... but they are being used as Fenrisian Wolves.

They actually turned out really good and I got them painted right on schedule. I still need to base them but I am going to wait until I get Canis (the other half of the commission) painted, that way I can just do it all at once. But I wanted to get them posted up so people can see them and I can show the client how things are coming along.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Very subtle highlighting there Wolfy, the gold certainly stands out on their tack.

  2. pay close attention to the eyes... the way I painted them they are kinda creepy looking

  3. These two wovles look amazing when you have them in hand it is a very good testament to a less is more approach. the paint job is not over done the the detail that is brought out is amazing.

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