So this is my Repenter from the starter box. I am slowly getting through all of this stuff. I am hoping that I can get all of this done in time for the Steamroller event at the end of July.

I am also wanting to become a Privateer Press PressGanger which requires me to have at least 2 starter boxes fully painted. Which I don't think will be a huge problem. So once I get all that done I will sign up and see if I get picked.

edit I changed out the pictures for the ones with the model being 100% done base and all

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  1. Dammit Wolfy stop painting these models...I don't need another Addiction that I have no one to play with!...Sweet paint work!

  2. dude... I am going to be painting these models for a while... I have a bunch of them and I am trying to get ready for a tournament.

    Glad you like them

  3. i like it so much ! .. keep going !

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