So here is more of my Menoth army for Warmachine... This is my warcaster The High Reclaimer. I started him this afternoon at the FLGS paint night event that they run ever week and I sat here and finished him up tonight after I got home. I am really happy with the way that his weapon (The Cremator) turned out with the way the colors fade together. Don't ask me how I got that to work on the first try but I did.

I am really enjoying painting these Privateer Press minis. I think they are far superior in quality over some of the more recent stuff from Games Workshop. I'm not saying that GW does not put out great models cause they do. But I have not had to do any major gap filling work with any of these PP models.

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  1. These minis do indeed look going from both the sculpt and Paint standpoints. I wish GW wasn't so hard-ass about not letting any other company make Minis of their stuff. It would be interesting to see how others interpret things.

    How's the local paint night thing working out?

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