Okay so this is more of the commission that the Rhino is part of... there will be a few more posts for that commission so just warning you.

In the first picture is the piece that the client sent for me to match... let me tell you this was harder than I first thought it would be. Cause not only am I trying to match colors which I had a little help on cause he sent me a couple bottles of the grey that he used. But I am also trying to match up some of the techniques so that the models are not such stand outs that you can take one look at the army and say "oh yeah those are the out sourced models" I am trying to blend them in so that the whole army looks right together.

I did make a few subtle changes that I feel artistically make things look a little better... a little cleaner and less cluttered.

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  1. That certainly qualifies as an unusual paint scheme. It's very stark but I am thinking that whatever idea your client has for his Chapter is most likely has a specific reason for being that way :)

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