Don't you just love how I keep coming up with odd references for titles of the posts I make...

Now back on topic here... I am working on this months Motivational Challenge because I am waiting to hear back from the next client on how he wants things assembled... and because I only have just over a week to get this all done for another nice little gold star. So I sat here tonight after I finished the first commission of the month and started painting the Kroot that I decided to tackle for this months challenge since is painters choice. Well since I have something in my brain that wont allow me to do things small, I thought to myself "let's do a full unit of 20 kroot and 5 kroot hounds".

Not such a smart move on my part I think cause that is a lot of guys to get painted, but then again I am one who paints fairly quickly. (thank god) Anyway... I painted the 5 hounds tonight and I am going to start on the rest of the unit tomorrow. Which I will not be painting here at my computer. Agents of Comics (the FLGS) has paint night every Wednesday night so I am thinking about taking all my paint stuff up there and lay down some paint and get to know some of the people that hang out up there. And to advertise of course.

So here are the hounds... they just need to be based which I will do when the unit is all done.

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  1. I've never actually seen a Kroot Hound model before, they certainly are ugly things. Even so, the color blends are pretty good Wolfy. They look fairly 'natural' if that's the right word for it. Good idea on the Mobile Painting idea, never hurts to show off the work to the Locals :)

  2. well these are not kroot hounds... I don't like the kroot hound model. These are actually the Chaos Warhounds from fantasy. I just green stuffed where the horns and tails went and then sprayed them.

    When I first decided on purple and red everyone thought I was crazy... hell I thought I was crazy... but it actually looks good together.

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