Well Canis is done and thus another commission is off the books. I liked painting this model other than the fact that I would put a color down and then pick the wolf up again and rub a good portion of it back off of the points of the fur. So I got to where I would paint a little bit and then spray some varnish on, then paint some more and then spray on another coat of varnish.

But the whole group has been sprayed and they are ready to go. I personally think they look awesome. Again... no pictures will do them true justice of how they look in hand.

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  1. Nice looking work there Wolfy, I'm the first to admit that when I see the Space Wolves figures I kinda snicker because usually they look comical more than fierce but you managed to make Canis look pretty bad ass here.

  2. In hand they are even more impressive. I understand the comment above i think the GW model "wolf guard Lightning claws" is rather comical and canis on the cover looked to be heading down that path. But Wolfy made him look very serious and even aggressive looking forward to showing him off.

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