So me and some of the guys were talking about "back in the day" and it got me thinking just how long I have been in this hobby. 1994 was a long... LONG time ago in gamer terms. That was back in 2nd edition of 40K. Back when you would normally play 2000 point games and they would last several hours even though you only had like 3 squads on the board.

In the last 16 years we have gone through 4 editions of the game and are now on 5th ed. I am on my 3rd codex (finally) and the model for Ragnar and Ulrik are still the exact same. It really is amazing how time flies by sometimes, cause there are days when it feels like just yesterday I was playing 3rd edition. And let me tell you... when you have 16 years of rules stuck in your noggin it is real easy to confuse things and pull up a rule from 1994. Then everyone around you stares at you like you grew another head or something.

It really is amazing...

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  1. They stare at you because they wonder why you are named 'Wolfy' :P

  2. nope... they stare because they cant believe just how long I have been in the hobby and that some of the old rules were really kinda wonky

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