I give you... the Crown Jewel of this commission... the jump chaplain. I spent roughly 7 hours getting this guy to look just right. And one of those hours was spent on just his skull face getting it to look just the way I felt it should.

I have been given lots of praise from the client for the rest of the stuff he sent me. And this being the last piece of the whole thing I now need to get them all based and get a final set of pictures as a group shot of the whole thing and then they get packed up and shipped out on monday.

So I am now off to go get my basing materials set up and I will post up some more here in a little while.

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  1. Impressive Chaplain! I like this model Wolfy, quite the contrast to the rest of this Battleforce. He'll certainly get the attention if he's leading these guys into the fight.

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