So I decided to Start June off with some Warmachine stuff... I wasn't going to but we went digging through some old boxes and found all of the Warmachine stuff that we bought when the game first came out. But never got around to painting because the game fired up quickly and then it died around here.

Well with the release of the MK2 rule book not that long ago it the game exploded here again and in a way that its not dying back out. So we went looking through the piles of unpainted game systems that we have here at the house and found our stuff and decided to start getting it painted... well that and the fact that there is a Steamroller tournament here in town on the 31st of July. So between Commissions that we have on the books and the Motivational Challenge and now this... I especially have a FULL plate in front of me. But I paint quickly enough that I should be able to take care of all of it... that and I have a really good schedule in front of me that lets me know when I have to start this project or that. Like I have the rest of this weekend to paint personal stuff... and then on Monday I start the first commission of this month. So I know I can get through all of it.

So I give you my Zealots of Menoth. Since I have never painted Warmachine before I actually had a lot of fun figuring the colors out to get them to look right to me.

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  1. NIce work Wolfy, very complimentary color scheme going on. I don't play Warmachine so I have no idea what the game is like but I have seen the Mini's on many occasions and it certainly does look cool.

  2. the old rules were a lot of fun... but I am waiting on Agents of Comics (FLGS) to get in copies of the MK2 rulebook so I can get to learning the new rules. It is a good alternative to a solid diet of 40k. You gotta change things up from time to time.

    Plus you paint enough Space Marines they start to get a little boring so its good to paint a different game system from time to time.

  3. Ok, I am going to give you a tip. One that will help your Metallics by leaps and bounds!

    Tamiya Smoke X-19 is alcohol based and makes metallics look amazing! I use it a lot!

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