Okay so I am back to work on a commission. This time for a new client. He sent me a Space Marine Battleforce box and a jump Chaplain to paint up. Well I spent the better part of the weekend prepping and spraying. Oh and I moved the paint studio into a different part of the house so now I can truly paint in peace and quiet if I want to.

So I was going through the box this morning trying to decide what the hell I wanted to paint first. Well I finally decided to paint the Rhino first. Can't really tell you what unit is next in line to get painted from the box. But it will be something cool.

Now this marine army is home brew army of the clients creation so I am just matching his paint scheme. When I start painting up the units I will get pictures of the models I am trying to match along with what I painted.

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  1. Looking at this a second time..this Scheme is very reminiscent of a Starship Troopers sort of look...that would make for some interesting Marines I think.

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